Hiring for FB ADS RENTAL

1.) Your Facebook account must be 1 year or older and with at least 100 friends.

2.) Never had any ads before.

3.) Must be active with posting on fb wall/likes/comments if not please post/share anything for 2wks

4.) 1 fb account per laptop/pc with 1 paypal account policy.

5.) The phone number and email address linked on your facebook account must be valid and active.

6.) If the name of your fb account is different with your real name, just add a nickname in your profile and put your real name.

7.) You must have a valid government ID.

8.) must allow remote access on PC please download Teamviewer version 12 and Anydesk

9.) Skype and fb name should be the same,must be available anytime

10.) Strictly follow instructions.

11.) Honesty is the best policy.

12.) Be patient (this is step by step process)

Please ....
1.) Never change your facebook name.

2.) Don't log in your facebook account on other devices but you can use the messenger app in your cellphone. must be logged-in in one device at a time.

3.) Dont delete any log in activities in the security and log ins section

4.) You are not allowed to touch or change anything in your ads.

5.) You must not log in to other or multiple laptop/pc. Stick with one laptop/pc only.

6.) You must not use your paypal account to other activity. It's strictly for the ads only.

7.) No cheating. Illegal activity will not be tolerated.


For dummy fb account you must have at least 2 weeks activities in your account such as posts, likes, and comments before the screening.

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